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ALGIERS-Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel reiterated in his speech at the international conference on Libya held Sunday in Rome, the constant position of Algeria for a political settlement of the conflict in Libya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told APS.

"The universal organization is the only player that must maintain the international peace and security," said Messahel, reaffirming the support of Algeria to the efforts of the Special Representative of the UN, Martin Kobler, for a political settlement of the conflict in Libya, Messahel said in his speech, of which APS received a copy.

"Aware of its responsibilities, common history and strong ties that bind this country and its people, Algeria will contribute to this international solidarity as it has done in the recent past, with national transitional governments, within its means," the Minister stressed.

Messahel, recalled, moreover, that the Rome meeting on Libya held in a situation "fraught with threats and uncertainties due to the persistence of fratricidal clashes between the different components of the Libyan people and its disastrous consequences on the stability and security not only of Libya but across the region."

The conference took place at a time when the international community has finally become aware of this crisis and its impact particularly in terms of "spread of terrorism and its criminal connections."

Besides, it was held in the aftermath of proposals submitted in July by the UN former envoy, Bernardino Leon, which stressed the need to quickly sign a political agreement between the Libyan parties and the urgent establishment of a national unity government.

Last year, Algeria, a neighboring country, had strongly advocated a political solution to end the conflict and warned against its persistence.

Moreover, he called on all Libyan parties to "give priority to dialogue to overcome disputes, resolve differences and preserve this brother country from spectre of partition and division," the minister added.

At the request of Libyan and that of the UN envoy, Algeria hosted numerous meetings with the only objective to contribute to their rapprochement.

In this regard, he recalled the Algerian authorities strongly supported the proposals to quickly reach a political agreement and form a national unity government in charge of managing the transition, prepare the elections, lay the groundwork for future institutions and address the political, security, counterterrorism challenges.

Libya's neighbouring countries supported the UN process in the presence of Martin Kobler during their meeting in Algiers on 1 December.

"It is imperative and urgent that Libyans from all sides, beyond any consideration, join those proposals. Otherwise, the situation will worsen and will be carrying heavy threats and danger to Libya and the region," Messahel added.

They (the Libyans) have the heavy responsibility to quickly engage their country on the path of peace, reconciliation, stability and development through the establishment of the national unity government, based in Tripoli, said the minister.

For Messahel, experience has shown that terrorism and its criminal connections feed, spread exponentially and occupy increasingly extended areas in the absence of a State capable, legitimate and just.


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